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Yeah, your’e right. We don’t have palm trees in Norway.
This selfportrait was taken on the island of Lanzarote, just west of the African-horn, with a newly acquired digital camera.

Who am I?

I haven’t been able to figure out that one yet! :-)


What’s new ?

26 November
Added two images Solar halo from Oslo, Norway

December 4th
Total Solar Eclipse as processed by Miloslav Druckmüller

05 August
Added 5 images of Noctilucent Clouds from the night between July 21.-22.

3 May
Added 1 new image to the supernova section:

25 April
Added 1 new image to the supernova section:

16 April
Added 1 new image to the supernova section:

10 April
Added 2 new images to the supernova section:

5 April
Added 1 new image to the supernova section:

4 April
Together with Ståle Kildah and Mikkel Steine I discovered a new supernova (sn2005ba) in NGC 3746 on April 2.:

3 March
Added image of IC 1805 taken from Persbuhaugen, Norway using a Canon EOS 20D attached to a Takahashi FSQ-106.

31 January
Added 6 images to the Nacreous clouds section.

23 January
Added 4 images of Aurora Borealis from January 21.


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